Episode 79

Evolved idiots #79: Andy Frye

Published on: 16th September, 2022

Andy Frye is a writer & journalist that has written for Rolling Stone, ESPN, and currently interviews pro athletes and sports legends for Forbes. He also has a new book out "Ninety Days in the 90's".

0:00 - Being a Writer

6:42 - Authenticity & Artificial Intelligence

12:03 - Why are sports and music so important in American culture?

16:20 - Ninety Days In The 90’s / Choices & Timelines

29:41 - Creative Process

34:54 - The Evolving Music Culture

46:30 - 90’s Music

1:09:55 - US Open / Billie Jean King

1:18:09 - Golf / PGA / Liv Golf

1:22:18 - Basketball, NBA & Michael Jordan

1:37:43 - Football, NFL & Tom Brady

1:45:14 - Common Characteristics of Winners: Drive, Being Realistic & Continual Learning.

1:49:35 - Competition vs Entertainment

1: 56:03 - Closing

More from Andy Frye:

Ninety Days in the 90's

• https://90daysinthe90s.com/

Instagram: @sportyfrye

Twitter: @sportyfrye

Facebook: @AndyFrye14


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