Episode 74

Evolved idiots #74 w/Don McLaughlin

Published on: 21st May, 2022

Don McLaughlin is a former government prosecutor, trial lawyer & Fortune 500 tech entrepreneur who traded in the stress of a workaholic for a healthier lifestyle. He’s the founder & CEO of PurePower, an ultra marathon runner, and best selling author.

0:00 - Opening

0:52 - Workaholic to Healthy Lifestyle

14:28 - Nutrition Choices

25:32 - Trail Running & Nature

34:49 - Health & Culture

38:55 - Training for an Ultra Marathon

48:20 - Value of Supplementation

1:01:20 - Evaluating CBD Products

1:04:12 - Regulatory Challenges of CBD

1:07:59 - Public Health Education

1:15:00 - Marketing Under Regulations

1:17:56 - Summer Races & New Products

1:21: 07 - Closing


Go to LivePurePower.com (https://livepurepower.com/) & use code "PUREPOWER15" for 15% off your first purchase!


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