Episode 72

Evolved idiots #72 w/Hami Mahani

Published on: 1st April, 2022

Hami Mahanin is Founder & CEO of 6AM RUN, and has an extensive

background in marketing and business development. He's on a mission to

improve everyone's physical ability to help them get into motion and

stay in motion.

0:00 - Welcome

1:45 - The Journey to 6am Run

11:55 - Navigating the World of Supplements

19:22 - Facing Adversity

24:33 - Nutrition & Eating Habits

40:06 - Training for Life

54:10 - Making Healthy Eating Affordable & Sustainable

59:15 - Training for a Marathon

1:08:48 - Roads vs Trails

1:14:44 - Mentally Processing Information

1:18:35 - Running Shoe Preferences

1:23:26 - Physical Wear & Tear

1:28:05 - Running with Music or Without?

1:32:04 - Being Present

Learn more about 6AM RUN @ https://6amrun.com/


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