Episode 68

Evolved idiots #68 w/Ilke Demir

Published on: 29th November, 2021

Dr. Ilke Demir is a research scientist, working in the areas of 3D vision, computational geometry, generative models, remote sensing, and deep learning. Dr. Demir has worked with Pixar, Facebook, and currently conducts research in the world's largest volumetric capture stage at Intel Studios.

0:00 - Introduction

4:04 - Artificial Intelligence & Algorithms

9:15 - Deep Fakes

12:53 - Deep Learning

14:53 - Deep Fake Detectors

22:59 - Virtual Reality & Volumetric Film-making

29:00 - Controlling Artificial Intelligence & Algorithms

38:57 - Autonomous Vehicles

45:19 - Educating Law Makers

49:54 - Satellite Image Mapping

1:00:00 - Tech’s Evolving Future

1:05:22 - Advice for Those Interested in Computer Science

1:07:18 - Simulating the Universe

1:09:17 - Preventing Technological Authoritarianism

1:16:19 - Closing


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