Episode 64

Evolved idiots #64 w/Jimmy Song

Published on: 2nd November, 2021

Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin educator & investor. He's a Bitcoin Core Contributor, former VP of Engineering for Armory & works with Blockchain Capital. Jimmy teaches blockchain to engineers, and is a contributor to CoinDesk. He's also a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and author of the book "Programming Bitcoin".

0:00 - Jimmy’s Journey into BitCoin

4:00 - Monetary System

26:12 - Keynesian Economics

30:18 - The Evolution of Centralization & Decentralization

39:26 - BitCoin’s Fixed Quantity

44:14 - Altcoins

51:26 - Regulating BitCoin & Altcoins

54:33 - BitCoin Payment Transactions

58:14 - Defi

1:00:21 - BitCoin & Population Growth

1:10:12 - Wrap Up


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