Episode 45

Evolved idiots #45 w/Tony Frischknecht

Published on: 14th May, 2021

Evolved idiots #45 guest is Tony Frischknecht, a self taught investor who got his start in medical cannabis with both cultivation and retail, and helped launch one of the first vape products in America with O.PEN. Tony is the author of "From Black Market to the Man", and is host of the podcast "Plant Problems".

0:00 - Origin of the Journey

8:41 - Starting to Grow

16:44 - Transitioning into Medical Cannabis

20:25 - Legal Problems Arrive

30:34 - Regrouping

34:50 - Going All In

40:31 - Creating O.PEN Vape

42:15 - Being in Partnerships

47:00 - Opportunity Exists

49:47 - Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortalbe

51:38 - Pursuit of Knowledge

54:47 - Things to Watch

59:29 - Growth Strategies

1:03:25 - Federal Changes

1:04:20 - Determining Intoxication

1:05:31 - Taxes & the Illicit Market

1:10:15 - Playing the Game

1:16:03 - Investment Strategies

1:19:02 - Forging Success

1:23:51 - Cryptocurrencies

1:32:47 - Tips for Getting Started

1:37:29 - Opportunity with Psychedelics

1:40:05 - Closing

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Learn more about Tony Frischknecht @ PlantProblem.com!

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