Episode 10

Evolved idiots #10

Published on: 1st August, 2020

0:00 - Opening

0:42 - Missing Children

23:09 - Epstein & Ghislaine

33:08 - Secret Societies

42:20 - Real Evil

53:48 - The Missing Ones

58:55 - Aliens on Earth

1:08:00 - Halfway through 2020

1:15:17 - Real Conversations

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About the Podcast

Evolved idiots
The podcast for evolving minds...
The Evolved idiots podcast is hosted by Matthew Nathaniel & Mike Mendoza.

Matthew is a business leader with a long history of working with startups & evolving companies from a variety of industries, including cannabis, hemp, entertainment, advertising, and health & fitness.

Mike is a trained boxer & champion in martial arts, as well as a comic book and food enthusiast. He continues his martial arts practice, while using his immense experience to lead others on their own martial arts journey to self discovery.